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Respect · Discipline · Confidence in a "Feel Good" Environment

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Kids Martial Arts

  • Are you concerned about your child’s ability to focus in school?
  • Is your child shy or lacking confidence?
  • Is your child really getting enough physical exercise?

At United Martial Arts Centers we specialize in children’s Martial Arts Development. As with any martial art, UMAC's Children's Program is based on certain physical requirements. What makes UMAC's program unique is the way we implement a character development and life skills program to give our young students a true martial arts education. Students will develop respect, discipline, and confidence in a "feel good" environment.

What are the Benefits of the UMAC Children’s Program?

  1. Respect: Respect is the foundation of martial arts, and UMAC is no different. Our students show respect by following the traditions of bowing and saying, "Thank you, Sir" in every class. In doing so, our students will take the appreciation and respect that they learn at UMAC to their home, school and community.
  2. Discipline & Self-Control: The UMAC Children's Program will help your children develop the self-control and discipline that will surely improve their academics as well as any other activity they are involved in. Our students have the self-control to make the right decisions even in tough situations.
  3. Confidence: UMAC students develop the confidence in themselves to accomplish anything they wish, in and out of the martial arts schools. We help shy, timid children who can’t even look you in the eye, develop the confidence to break through concrete at their Black Belt graduation. When children develop confidence at UMAC, they show confidence in school, home and other activities. They become successful children in life.
  4. Learn Martial Arts: UMAC provides our students with quality martial arts instruction that gives them the skills to defend themselves, become "bullyproof", and to learn traditional martial arts skills while getting physical exercise. Through the physical training, children will develop mental discipline along with mind control that will enhance their martial arts development. Most important, the children’s program will allow your children to feel great about what they are doing and about themselves!
Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Why UMAC is Uncommon:

  1. Professional Martial Artists: The Masters of United Martial Arts Centers are full-time, professional martial artists who train and teach for a living. It is our lifestyle, not something we do part-time. We wake up every morning filled with energy and passion to teach your children and help them with their martial arts education.
  2. The "UMAC Character Building Board": We utilize the "UMAC Character Building Board" in every class we teach to help reinforce the martial arts values. We ask the students, "What is important to a martial artist?" Students answer with values such as, "self-control," "respect," and "confidence." As the students demonstrate those values, they receive positive recognition by writing their names on the board so the rest of the class can see.
  3. UMAC Character Development Programs: At UMAC, we have an array of incentive programs, unique to our organization, to help our students take the UMAC values and bring them outside our centers. We have special incentive programs to encourage reading and improve responsibility along with accountability so the UMAC values can be brought to the student's home and school.
  4. Our Staff: All of the staff and instructors are what we call, "home grown." They have been UMAC certified and have been trained by our Masters from their beginning. All UMAC instructors have completed our Black Belt, Leadership and Instructor Training Programs. They share the passion to make a positive impact on the students of UMAC.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with families to teach and guide our UMAC children to become respectful, confident, disciplined, members of the community. There is a good chance that the Instructor who will be teaching your children was once in the same Children’s Program that they are now teaching. After years and years of training, those once shy children, now have the confidence and ability to teach and lead others to success and are certified UMAC Instructors and Master Instructors. That, right there, is the best testimonial we could have.

Results to expect from the Children's Martial Arts Program:

A more confident child that feels great about what they are doing and more importantly, feels great about themselves.

A fit kid, with child obesity at a epidemic level, UMAC ensures that your child develops healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

A confident child who is Bullyproof!

A happy child will make a happy household: We know that when children are happy; the family is happy and UMAC makes your children REALLY HAPPY!

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