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Family Martial Arts

  • Are you bored sitting on the sidelines watching your children do all the cool activities?
  • Are you looking for something meaningful and rewarding to do with your children?

At United Martial Arts Centers, we specialize in family martial arts. UMAC’s Family Program allows children and adults to train together in the same class. There is nothing more rewarding than both parents and children learning and accomplishing great things together that they have worked so hard for.

What are the Benefits of the UMAC Family Program?

  1. Memorable Quality Family Time: The UMAC Family Program allows children and adults to train together in the same class. With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, UMAC gives the whole family unit an opportunity to be together in a positive environment. Most important, spending quality time together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. Train as a Family: UMAC Family Classes are extremely popular because parents and children train as a family. No longer will parents have to go back and forth two or three times with their children dropping them off for different classes. The whole family progresses together, develops together, and shares a common bond that continues to strengthen as time goes on.
  3. Set and Achieve Goals as a Family: The martial arts is all about setting and accomplishing short-term goals to achieve long-term goals. Put the whole family into the mix and now there is something very powerful. The fact that family members support each other through encouragement and shared effort, strengthens the relationships of any family. When the goals are achieved, it is life altering for all involved!
  4. Fun: The classes at UMAC are extremely fun and exciting. Family classes take the emphasis away from the parents and places it on the training. This is one of the biggest benefits for parents of our Family Program. Moms and dads are parents 24 hours a day everyday. In the Family Program, children and parents are training partners and leave the parenting to us. This way moms and dads can have FUN with their children and enjoy the quality time together.
  5. Get in Shape: There is no doubt that classes at UMAC will get you in great physical condition. Classes will definitely get your heart rate up, improve your flexibility while you learn valuable skills that will give you a well-rounded martial arts education.
Family Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts

Why UMAC is Uncommon:

  1. Professional Martial Artists: The Masters are full-time martial artists at United Martial Arts Centers, where we train and teach for a living. It is our lifestyle, not something we do part-time. We wake up every morning filled with energy and passion to share with our families and help guide them on their martial arts journey.
  2. Parents are "in the game" rather than on the sidelines: So many activities children do have a waiting area for the parents to view. Not at UMAC! We take the parents off the sidelines and put them in the action. We have a saying at UMAC, "We would much rather be a player than a fan." It is better to develop with your children rather than just watch.
  3. Family Free Plan: We know when families train together, they become long-lasting students because the families appreciate the benefits the whole family can experience. That is why when two family members train, the rest of the family comes for FREE! That’s right, two members pay full-price and every other family member has free tuition.

"The family that kicks together, sticks together"

United Martial Arts Centers have graduated many families to black belt together as one family unit. There is nothing more powerful than achieving such a huge goal with the ones you love the most. UMAC has created an environment that supports families spending more quality time together, working towards common goals, developing confidence, along with "kick butt" training experience for the whole family!

"One of the best decisions I ever made. Over the last 4-1/2 years, our family has created some of the best memories, and for me, I would not trade for anything in the world. We have had some belly laughs, some happy tears and the best martial arts training one could hope for. At a time when most teenagers are looking to separate and withdraw from their parents, our family looks forward to training together and values our time together."

- Instructor Tom Kukowski: 2nd Degree Black Belt and father of three black belts

Results to expect from the Family Martial Arts Program:

A more tight nit family that is spending shared quality time together.

A more tight-knit family that is spending shared quality time together.

A more tight nit family that is spending shared quality time together.

Adults training will lose weight, get fit and feel great!

A more tight nit family that is spending shared quality time together.

Children will have more respect, discipline and confidence in all areas of their life.

A more tight nit family that is spending shared quality time together.

Creating memorable moments on a consistent and regular basis as you share the gifts that martial arts have to offer.

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