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Birthday Parties

  • Are your children bored with the parties they have been going to?
  • Are you looking for a birthday party that easy for the parents and great for the kids?

At United Martial Arts Centers we specialize in children’s birthday parties. Birthday parties at UMAC are engaging and exciting for all of the guests, while making the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. Parties are super easy for the parents and super fun for the kids. The greatest part is that a party at UMAC will make your child's special day a day he/she will always remember and you will be the super star parent!

What are the Benefits of having a UMAC Birthday Party?

  1. Alternative to typical boring parties: There are many birthday parties out there in the community. "Inflatable castles," "Pin the tail on the donkey," and "Ring around the rosy" are things of the past. UMAC provides the most exciting party where the guests will be engaged and have a "KICKING" great time.
  2. Birthday boy or girl made to feel special: The birthday boy or girl is the star of the day at UMAC. They will have "special" opportunities during the party that puts them in the spotlight. He/She also gets to break a birthday board in front of all of his/her friends to add to the special day.
  3. Easy for parents: Parents, there are no children at your house and no messy cleanups to take care of. We do it all so you don't have to. All you need to do is provide the cake, paper goods, goody bags and pizza if you desire. We have a designated area for you to set up while the kids are having a blast! We take care of the clean up so you can continue to have fun with your child.
  4. Everyone is in the fun: There are a lot of parties where the children are watching and being entertained. Not at UMAC! They are IN the fun from the moment they walk out on the floor until the minute they leave. They will participate in every activity, being engaged and excited the whole time. Of course, the birthday star is made to feel extra special.
  5. FUN: Fun is our middle name! We have a saying at UMAC, "If it’s not fun, why do it?" and parties are no different. Birthday parties at UMAC are extremely fun as the children are kicking things, yelling loud, running and flying through the air. Think about it, what could be more fun than that?
Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Why UMAC is Uncommon:

  1. Structure and Fun in one activity: Just about every birthday party we host receive compliments on the structure of the party. Parents are amazed by how the children are so well-behaved and respond to the instructor. This is due to the engaging nature of martial arts and the way we keep everyone active and having fun. We have even been asked if our staff are professional actors because the party is so entertaining!
  2. The "UMAC Character Building Board": In our parties, we utilize the "UMAC Character Building Board" to help reinforce the martial arts values. Even at our birthday parties we ask the students, “What is important to a martial artist?” Students answer the values such as, “self-control, respect, confidence”, and as the students demonstrate those values, they receive positive recognition by writing their names on the board so the rest of the class could see. This is what helps provide the structure and fun at the same time.
  3. 100% Engaging: UMAC Birthday parties are super engaging for three reasons:
    1. All guests participate in all activities and everyone is made to feel special and part of the party.
    2. Utilizing the "UMAC Character Building Board" keeps the guests wanting to do a great job so they can get the recognition.
    3. Our staff is engaging and exciting while they are committed to making your child's special day extra-special.
  4. Our Staff: All of the staff and instructors are what we call "home grown." They have been UMAC certified and been trained by our Masters Instructors from their beginnings. All UMAC Instructors have completed our Black Belt, Leadership and Instructor Training Programs. They share the passion to make a positive impact on the students of UMAC and are ready to make your child's birthday special.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to run your child's birthday party and make their party the best one ever. There are many options for parents and when a family chooses us, we take that to heart. That is why we make sure your child's party is fun and memorable for all who attend.

Party Details:

  • Hour and a half long
  • Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment
  • $300 for up to 15 children
  • $75 deposit due at initial sign up
  • Over 20 guests, please let us know so we can arrange additional assistants
  • Invitations provided with liability waiver that must be returned by all guests to be allowed on the floor

Results to expect from a UMAC Birthday Party:

A happy child that says, "I Love you" because they had the best birthday they ever had.

Happy families and guests because they had a terrific experience at UMAC while their children had fun learning a few valuable skills.

Happy parents because they had an easy party, sitting back and enjoying themselves while UMAC did all the work.