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A Black Belt Life

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 13:03 -- UMAC


On your journey to attaining Black Belt rank, Demo Team, Instructor, or beyond, you begin with the first step. Stepping onto the training mat you listen and watch your instructor, learn the forms and exercises, and practice. You practice a lot. And when you and your instructor think you are ready, you will test for your Yellow Belt. Then repeat, again, and again, and again.

Whether you are a child, an after-school student, or an adult, it’s never too late to attain a Black Belt.

The journey is long. School work, work, and other commitments may make it difficult to practice and attend class. Attaining Black Belt is important to you, this is your goal.

You are motivated! Motivation is the drive to succeed...at anything you put your mind to.


Think of all the things that have been achieved, invented, and built in the world in the name of progress and the betterment of the people. Everything manmade was built through motivation, inspiration, and perspiration. And you are one of these people. You have the same opportunities as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and all the other inventors, developers, and builders of our society.

With motivation anything is possible. Attaining Black Belt requires perseverance, indomitable spirit, lots of perspiration...and all your heart.


This is the journey towards living a successful and fulfilling life; a Black Belt life. This is how and what we teach at UMAC Briarcliff.

Click on the link to order my book, “It’s Not About the Belt...You Don’t Need A Black Belt to Act Like One”, and see how you can live a Black Belt Life, better understanding and following the Martial Arts philosophy.


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