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Tolerance means....

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 14:56 -- UMAC

Our Martial Arts Theme for August is Tolerance. And while this post wasn't planned, this is a follow-up to my Patch Blog on Bullying last week. Check our our Bullyproof Seminar Flyer posted at the school.

"What does being tolerant mean to you?"

Searching the internet for "tolerance" I found Teaching Tolerance. The first resource that grabbed my attention was their Bullying Survey designed for elementary school age children. The following eight questions are great conversation starters for parents and teachers looking to engage their children and students in this topic.

  1. Has anyone ever called you a name?
  2. Has anyone ever told you that you can not be friends?
  3. Has anyone ever hit, kicked, punched, or pushed you? (Doesn't count in Martial Arts class!)
  4. Has anyone ever threatened you?
  5. Was someone mean to you because of how you look?
  6. Did you tell anyone about any of these incidents? Why or why not?
  7. Hve you ever seen someone else being bullied?
  8. Have you ever called someone else a name, hit, kicked, pushed, threatened, or been mean to someone?

In the classroom setting each child is given 8 YES tickets and 8 NO tickets which they use to anonymously answer each question. A tally is made and children collectively see their responses which demonstrate they are not alone. What an interactive way to teach and engage the children.

Side Note: For families with middle or high school aged children there is a Bullying Quiz (with answers and statistics!)

Tolerance means having a fair, objective, and permissive attitude towards any other person's opinions, cultural practices, race, religion, nationality, personal looks and appearances.



Reference: www.betterworld4all.org/benefits-tolerance

In Martial Arts training, tolerance is the key to progression. Think about this. If you are unable to tolerate the challenges and hardship of regularly attending class, participating in rigorous training, and repeating your forms over and over again, then your path to becoming a Black Belt will be difficult. When you conquer this goal, you will be able to conquer other challenges in life.

This is what makes teaching and learning Taekwondo so much fun for me, knowing you are learning skills that you will take with you to be successful for the rest of your life.

Here are 4 vital factors for tolerance: Endurance, Sympathizing, Negotiation, and Unity

  • When you endure you keep going
  • When you sympathize you understand the struggle
  • When you negotiate you lessen the burden
  • When you unite you find the greatest way to be victorious - a WINNER, a Black Belt!

Learn to be tolerant and you will be more respectful of yourself and others.


"The highest result of education is tolerance." -- Helen Keller

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